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Crowdfunding keeps this website alive

This website is crowdfunded and run entirely by keen garden volunteers.

We don't court any payment for this work, and we do incur website operating costs. These include:

  • Technical assistance - the site is complex
  • Ongoing hosting - with a large volume of visitor traffic
  • Updates to our postcode database (1.7million entries and counting)

We receive no funding

We'd love to say that we get grants and lots of financial support, but we don't, so keeping the website alive really is up to event organisers and garden visitors.

Your event listing

If you advertise your open gardens event on this website, and support us by making a donation, we'll add this simple banner to your entry:


Thankyou!   In 2024, the organisers of this event made a crowdfunding donation towards the upkeep of this website.

A good tip

If you donate at the start of the year rather than after your event has taken place, your donation gets maximum exposure and your visitors then see that you're supporting this website.

Make a small BACS payment

We can't go to the expense of setting up a full on-line payment system, and we will not use a provider such as PayPal that "earns" a percentage of all payments, so please make a donation by using online banking via BACS - we then gain from the full amount and cut out the plump well-fed middle men/women.

Our account details

Suggested donation for 2024: £5.00 or the price of one entry ticket - more would be very welcome.

Please make your donation payment to:

As a payment reference, just add your event name or Open Garden ID (shown at the bottom of your event entry - eg Garden ID 234).

We'll confirm back to you and supply a receipt. If we don't confirm back to you within a day or so, it's likely that the payment reference is not clear and that we cannot link it back to your event. If you don't hear from us, please drop us a reminder email.

Don't do on-line banking?

Unfortunately we don't have any other payment route. Hopefully you'll be able to locate someone in your group who can arrange a small BACS payment to support us. To be honest, it's not uncommon to ask the kids to do it.

What happens if we don't contribute?

Your event entry will be missing the smiley banner above. We'll still support you and list your event, but it will be the other event organisers who will be funding this website - your visitors may well take note of this, so it's up to you how you cope with your conscience.

Many thanks.

 Open Gardens in a Leicestershire village

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